How to hire IT specialists amidst a Talent shortage?

The Nordic countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark and even the partially Baltic Estonia are famous for their ease of business with a high GDP growth rate. However, despite a record increase of 600% in inflow of venture capital over the last 6 years, the region faces a high-skilled talent shortage!

The demand for software engineers in the region has out-grown the skilled developers and IT specialists available locally. According to Hays Global Skills Index 2016, Sweden is one of the toughest places for a startup to develop and grow despite the strong economy. Experts credit this to the fact that Sweden has the highest labour market stress level.

Similarly, according to the Finnish Information Processing Association, TIVIA, Finland currently faces an immediate need of 7000 software developers! Also, both Finland and Denmark are expected to have an IT skill shortage of 20,000 by 2025.

While, experts suggest that the education sector should strategise and emphasise focus on IT education and software development to overcome this gap which will eventually become a barrier in GDP growth, the problem needs a more immediate solution. If you are developing or running a tech startup, you may already have felt a lack of qualified professionals for IT jobs and the difficulty in finding the right candidate.

The two smartest way in which the Nordic companies are coping up with this talent shortage are as follows:

Relocate IT Talent from abroad There is a trend of mass immigration from Eastern Europe, South Asia and South America which produces a high quality of developers and IT specialists willing to relocate and work in the Nordics. Moreover, skilled developers within the EU also often seek opportunities within the continent that may help them widen the spectrum. However, not every growing business has the time and resources to invest in sourcing candidates from all around the world that are the right fit. Also, hiring from abroad poses a threat of not being able to make the right decision as often companies may have to pay for paperwork and relocation before testing the candidate in person. Therefore, the easiest way to save money and time, and to make sure no mistakes are made, is to partner with a highly experienced recruitment specialist such as HR Rocket.

HR Rocket helps smaller companies with budget constraints optimise end-to-end international recruitment by sourcing top candidates from around the world, as well as, testing and interviewing them to evaluate their capabilities before matching them to vacancies at partner companies. Relocating candidates from abroad is easier than you think, and IT companies prefer recruitment via HR Rocket mainly because that caters to urgent hiring needs as HR Rocket has a ready to relocate pool of talent that is immediately matched and shortlisted candidates’ profiles sent to be evaluated.

Hire a remote team

Many Nordic countries choose to hire skilled developers remotely. This is a viable option for companies with shorter projects, or small enterprises that are unable to bear the cost of relocation or hiring for on-site work. HR Rocket is an excellent solution provider with software development teams in Pakistan, Ukraine, Estonia and the US that are able to work on a vast number of technologies and help with product development and maintenance. Moreover, it is also possible to hire a developer full-time instead of a team to work remotely, and HR Rocket has successfully helped companies in EU do that and report satisfactory results.

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