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How can we help?

We have a pool of the best and ready to relocate talent, that we can help you hire and bring to your workplace.

Our professional sourcing team will match the right candidate to your job requirements, do a preliminary screening and bring you the best results faster and cheaper.

Once you are satisfied after thoroughly interviewing your candidate, we help you further with relocation of your candidate too. 

Who can we help?

We work with all kinds of companies such as SMEs and large corporations. We are mainly focused on recruiting for IT, Marketing, HR, Accounting/Finance and Executive teams, but we can connect you with more talent than just that.

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We could use some help too!

We are doing a market survey about current employee development trends, and if you are an employer in the IT industry, your opinion is valuable to us. It is a very very brief, and you get good karma points for completing it. Click the button below: